Step into your ultimate health.
Without pain or syndromes.

Heal your Body. Boost your Health. Influence your Family.

Hi, I am Taffy Nguyen!

I am your energy healer and Holobody coach certified by Mindvalley.

Do you experience any of the following?

  • You have physical pains and syndromes that inhibit you from being active?

  • You have no success when healing your pain and syndromes?

  • You’re looking for alternate natural ways to reduce pain without taking medications or invasive treatments and long waits at doctors?

If you say yes to any of these, I invite you to imagine stepping into your ultimate health.

Now, imagine a life without pain or syndromes.


    • You have energy for the whole day doing the work you love.
    • You can enjoy quality family time after working.
    • You feel like you’re in your twenties again.
    • You have the strength to play with your kids or grandkids.
    • You dance all night and still feel full of energy.
    • You love to go on a  hike in nature and feel immediately rejuvenated.

Are you ready to step into your ultimate health?

Together, we will achieve your dream state-of-health following three simple phases.

Heal your Body. Boost your Health. Influence your Family.

Heal Your Body

with Universal Energy

You will receive the healing energy from the Universe to speed up your healing abilities.
Each session takes 30 minutes and is done remotely.
The number of treatments will depend on how long you have the conditions. We can discuss further during the introductory call.

Boost your Health

with Holobody Coaching

You will experience peak health, nutrition, and body transformation by going through 3-month program or 6-month program.
You'll emerge as a new person who effortlessly embodies your health and fitness goals for a lifetime with zero resistance.

Influence your Family

with Healthy Recipes

Eat healthy not only for yourself but also for your family's well-being.
You can easily introduce healthy food to your loved ones using my Asian cooking recipes, which are quick, tasty, and healthy.
You will have access to a variety of choices for daily quick meals or for special dinners.

"My mission is to empower women with physical pain to live a syndrome-free life so they can achieve their goals and dreams through energy healing, Holobody coaching, and nutritious meal planning."

Customers reviews


"Taffy is the person you need, she can help you heal, and she is a 100% blessing in this world to help people who are struggling with the blockage in themselves. ❤️✨"
Oshin van der Hansz
"Thank you so much Taffy. I will consult Taffy whenever I have any health problems that I cannot treat myself."
"I cannot thank you enough for the healing energy work you did on me... Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing me back to health."
Raquel Rodriguez
If you want to be healed, I highly recommend working with Taffy and her energy healing process. It Works!!! "
Cindy Walker
"Her coaching skills creates a harmonious dynamic between us where I feel heard, seen and understood...I am beyond grateful for my lovely Coach Taffy! "
Gisela Velasquez
"Taffy/Thao is an incredibly gifted healer, I’m still in shock over what she did for me...Thao really is a miracle worker and such a beautiful soul. "
Pia Crofton
"Taffy is a healing wonder!
My throat pain disappeared miraculously after 2 days of back to back healing. Fast, natural, non-invasive, zero pain, zero risk!
I cannot recommend Taffy more!!!"
Xue Xia

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