What can you expect?

Heal your Body.

with Energy Healing

We begin our journey by eliminating any physical pain and syndromes you are experiencing. Being free from any pain will set the foundation for your healthy life. 

By tapping into the universe’s energy source, I transmit and direct this healing energy into your body. This process will stimulate our stem cells, enhance our healing abilities, and boost our brain function. This is the power of the universe’s energy source because it holistically supports all health, knowledge, wisdom, life, and evolution. 

You can rest assured that this treatment is non-invasive, free from medications, and 100% natural. The best part is that it can be done remotely, in the comfort of your own home, and you can be healed from pain and syndrome in as fast as under 6 minutes.

Syndromes and pain differ between individuals. Therefore, the number of healing sessions required depends on the severity of the pain and the duration of carrying those syndromes. We will draft out a package that best suits your need together.

Boost your Health.

with Holobody Coaching

Ever wondered how you maintain your new pain-free body and boost your health 360°? Athletes need a coach to reach their peak performance state, and you do too. 

As a Holobody coach, I do not focus on just diet and fitness to reclaim your health. I embody a 360° approach that covers all the bases of lifelong wellness and performance. This approach ranges from food production, consumption, and physical activities, to your environments, physiology, and psychology. 

At the core, we work together on changing your behaviors and habits. During the journey, you will start to build a relationship with your body by listening to it more. As you do so, you’ll experience a profound shift in your identity: and emerge as a brand new person who effortlessly embodies your health and fitness goals for a lifetime.

By the end of our journey together, you will experience peak health, nutrition, body transformation, habit formation, psychological change, and identity shifts that create lasting, resistance-free results.

Influence your Family.

with Asian Holobody Recipes

What you put in your body fuels your energy, mind, and soul. Not only do you want to ensure your body receives the right fuel and nutrition, but you are also the food gatekeeper of your family. You can influence their health through the food that you prepare.

My Holobody Asian cooking recipes include homemade meals for all skill levels. You will receive step-by-step instructions on how to cook simple daily meals to exquisite dinners. You can prepare these simple daily meals in under 30 minutes; while the unique dishes may take longer to prepare, they are worth your time because you and your family will enjoy them from the beginning to the end. There is a variety of noodle soup, seafood soup, or vegetable soup that you can learn to make daily, on weekends, or for parties that your loved ones and your guests will be surprised by how delicious they are.

Suppose you are a vegetarian or want to reduce your meal intake. In that case, my vegetarian dishes will satisfy your tastes and provide your precious bodies with a variety that will provide the fiber and nutrition your body deserves.

With my cooking recipes, you will be proud of your cooking skills and have the opportunity to serve your loved ones tasty and healthy meals daily.

“Every day I take a small step moving toward a healthy mind body."
Ready to join my happy journey?
-Taffy Nguyen

How can I help you step into your ultimate health?

Influence your Family

with Asian Holobody Recipes
starting from

$2,998for a min. of 3 months
12 x 90 mins sessions

All services in Boost your Health Package are included. Prices and length of package are personalized to you and your family's needs.

Unconditional Support
Holobody Coaching
weekly Asian Recipes

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Customers reviews


Taffy is the person you need. She can help you healed, and she is a 100% blessing in this world to help people who are struggling with the blockage in themselves. ❤️✨"

Oshin van der Hansz
"Thank you so much Taffy. I will consult Taffy whenever I have any health problems that I cannot treat myself."

I cannot thank you enough for the healing energy work you did on me... Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing me back to health. "

Raquel Rodriguez
If you want to be healed, I highly recommend working with Taffy and her energy healing process. It Works!!! "

Cindy Walker
Her coaching skills creates a harmonious dynamic between us where I feel heard, seen and understood...I am beyond grateful for my lovely Coach Taffy! "

Gisela Velasquez
Taffy/Thao is an incredibly gifted healer, I’m still in shock over what she did for me...Thao really is a miracle worker and such a beautiful soul. "

Pia Crofton
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