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Hi, I am Taffy Nguyen.

Throughout this journey together, I will be your energy healer and Holobody coach.

My mission is to empower women with physical pain to live a syndrome-free life so they can achieve their goals and dreams with ease and happiness.

Starting from you!

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Taffy Nguyen

I was born and raised in Vietnam. When I was 21 years old, I immigrated to the United States, and currently, I live in Maryland with my husband of 24 years of marriage and two amazing teenagers. I was a full-time stay-at-home mom, wife, and daughter. For many years, my primary role was raising my kids, supporting my husband’s business, and caring for my mom’s health.

My journey of becoming an energy healer began with a desperate need to save my mom. My mom suffered from Bipolar and severe insomnia for more than 47 years. She attempted to commit suicide more than 3 times and even wanted to kill us with her when my sister and I were babies. Doctors prescribed her a lot of medication for her insomnia and depression, but nothing seemed to work. We then found alternative solutions and worked with an energy worker, and my mom started to recover after consistent treatments.

However, my mom fell sick again when she moved back to our home country, Vietnam. I began to learn energy healing myself, picked up different techniques, and even healed people in a remote setting. I’m beyond grateful for how much my mom benefited from our healing sessions. Seeing how my mom’s health has improved, I realized it is my calling to help others eliminate their pain and improve their health through energy healing.

Witnessing the struggles of my mom, I live by the principle that our health is our wealth. Whether health comes in the form of mental or physical, holistically, it is an integration of our body, mind, and soul. Therefore, I advanced to become a Holobody health coach to empower every individual further to build a 360° healthy, happy, and fulfilling life. It is the kind of life in which we feel excited to get up, look forward to a new beginning day and expect fantastic opportunities.

“As I have been going through this journey and experience the true benefits from my new life experiences, now I want to pay it forward.”

“Every day, I take a small step toward a healthy mind and body”
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