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"❤️✨Taffy uses one of the most best coachings techniques I've ever experienced. The healing technique she uses is incredible. The lightness of the session makes me want to deek deeper to find the core problem; I was open to talk about my struggles and concern because I trust Taffy. Taffy coached me a lot based on my current situation. Afterward, she gave me a healing session which help me feel calm and peaceful. I felt a little bit more emotional and proccessed things even further a day or two days after the healing was completed. However, I felt much lighter. Now my depression is less than before working with Taffy. If you already tried a lot of things and still doubting if coaches and healing work, Taffy is the person you need. She can help you, and she is a 100% blessing in this world to help people who are struggling with the blockkage in themselfs. ❤️✨"

Oshin van der Hansz
"Healing was so beautiful, Thank You!"

Jas Singh

“I am 63 and I have had many health challenges. I had been suffering with neuropathy in my feet for years due to Diabetes. I was able to reverse the Diabetes about 5 years ago but the nerve damage was the residual affect that still linger on. I was recently diagnosed with Plantar fasciitis, my feet was tight and my ankles were frozen stiff. I thought I couldn’t wear heels because of my weight. Sometimes it would feel like I was walking on glass and while I was sleeping at night my feet hurt all night long.

One day as I was talking to Taffy, I mentioned how bad my feet hurt and she said she could help me using the energy healing. After 10+ years of hurting feet, I was glad to start this healing process.

Taffy and I worked daily twice a day. We started at the end of August and about mid-September, I felt so much better that I made a goal to be able to dance freely at my high school 200th Anniversary in Boston which was October 1st. Now I haven’t danced in years and I’m not a dancer but I held that goal in my mind because my feet were feeling so great that I just wanted to be able to dance. Taffy and I worked hard on my healing and I started going to exercise class and that helped me with loosen up the plantar fasciitis and my stiff ankles. And on October 1st when the band started playing the music, I just naturally got up and started moving and dancing on the dance floor. It was so great and I danced for two hours. My feet did not hurt at all and the week back home in Boston was great and pain free.

Taffy was gentle, caring, focus as she helped me tremendously. Her consistency and her intention for every session was admirable and powerful.

If you want to be healed, I highly recommend working with Taffy and her energy healing process. It Works!!! “

Cindy Walker

"Thao is an incredibly gifted healer, I’m still in shock over what she did for me. I spent years with a debilitating fear of flying and would reluctantly travel but would be uncomfortable for the entire journey. Thao reached out to me and offered her help. I am a very sceptical person about these things so I figured it wouldn’t work. The moment the healing started I could feel a pressure around my head and could see blue light. I felt lighter after the process but wasn’t sure whether it had worked. I can tell you now that it definitely did- I travelled from Ireland to Mexico recently with my family and didn’t have a moment of anxiety while on the plane. I’m already planning my next holiday! Thao really is a miracle worker and such a beautiful soul. "
Pia Crofton
"I have the honor to be working with Coach Taffy for about one year and what a delightful experience has been! Her cheerful and empathetic spirit is truly admirable. She definitely has mastered the ability to hold a safe space where I feel free to be myself. We welcome vulnerability in our coaching sessions which allows me to dig deeper into my own consciousness and to expand my awareness to the infinite possibilities available to me. Coach Taffy listens attentively, shows curiosity and ask powerful questions. Her insights are infused with so much wisdom. I value her guidance and support greatly because Coach Taffy helps me reflect on my experiences and that is when the transformation happens! Coach Taffy radiates such a peaceful energy that is magnetic. Her joyful personality reminds me to be thankful and her encouragement lifts up my soul when I am not at my best. Her coaching skills creates a harmonious dynamic between us where I feel heard, seen and understood. We have created a deep soul sisterhood where we are constantly bringing out the best of each other. I am beyond grateful for my lovely Coach Taffy! "
Gisela Velasquez
"I cannot thank you enough for the healing energy work you did on me. For a week, I had constant headaches, neck and shoulder pain and restricted mobility in my right arm due to a bad fall. Pain medication didn't help at all. In just two sessions with you my body was back to normal.

The first session minimized the cuts and scrapes in my body and removed the bruising and most of the pain. The second session removed all remaining pain in my arm and restored its mobility.

The evening of the second day, I noticed my finger had healed completely. The scab fell removing all dead tissue around it, revealing soft pink healthy tissue underneath. Something surprising also happened that evening! I didn’t tell you about the problem with my knee, but it healed in the second session. I had seen two chiropractors about the pain around my knee, and it did not help much. I can only attribute this healing to your energy work.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing me back to health. "
Raquel Rodriguez
"I am a cancer survivor with so many health issues in the past years. Recently I consulted Taffy regarding ongoing problems after my gallbladder removal surgery.
Taffy told me that she had performed energy healing to help people with health issues.
So, I decided to try it out although I wasn’t sure if I completely believed in it.
I was astounded when the next morning after my first treatment my throat and lung was so clear that I didn’t need to gasp for air. My surgical area also wasn’t painful any more. Then I continued with more sessions . Within only few hours , the pains from my back, my shivering, my sleeping issues continued to improve.
This was extremely unusual for me. I was so impressed with all the sessions that Taffy provided for me. Thank you so much Taffy. I will consult Taffy whenever I have any health problems that I cannot treat myself."
Tiffanie Le
The Second Testimonial:
"A week after a bad fall which resulted in a mild concussion, I asked Taffy for help. In one session the non-stop headaches and neck pain disappeared, and I regained the mobility in my right arm. The days have passed, I still feel great, no fogginess, no pain. I highly recommend Taffy as an Energy Healer."
Raquel Rodriguez
"Taffy is a healing wonder!
Prior to seeking healing from her, I was suffering from a week long of persistent fever, tonsil infection and my throat was completely sore. I could not enjoy food as I had difficulties swallowing. In the recent years, I decided to rely less on medication and hope to find cure in more natural remedies. It is my first time experiencing healing, and during the session I could feel the immense care and concentration from Taffy. And after 2 days of back to back healing, my throat pain disappeared miraculously! No fever, no nothing. I was amazed. And most importantly, it only took 6 mins of my time each sessions! That is the amount of time it will take me to walk out of my apartment and down the lift if I were to head over to a doctor.
Fast, natural, non-invasive, zero pain, zero risk! I cannot recommend Taffy more!!!"
Xue Xia
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